WE JUST GOT BETTER. Ararat Pharmacy now proudly provides specialty medications for your needs. Specialty medications require special knowledge and care. Serving the community for over 55 years, Ararat Pharmacy now combines advanced Specialty Pharmacy knowledge with our excellent customer service that you are used to.

Adverse drug events

Patient-facing pharmacy team to address and resolve/report any potential interactions or therapy concerns

Patient education

Community-based pharmacist to review therapy and explain services provided by specialty pharmacy team

Prior authorizations

Dedicated staff to complete necessary paperwork with proactive re-certifications

Co-pay issues

Access and coordination for patient assistance programs

Injection training

We coordinate injection training when applicable

Side-effect management

Dedicated pharmacist/nurse teams available to consult patients and remove any barriers to therapy


Communication with the physician and patient throughout each step of the process


Proactive refill reminders and patient consultations. Med To-Go Pak adherence packaging solution that organizes medications by date and time of dose. It’s easy for patients to see what medications to take and when to take them.


Access to clinically-trained pharmacists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Free mailing of medication
Enrollment in the Patient Management Program which provides benefits such as managing side effects, increasing compliance to drug therapies and overall improvement of health when the patient is willing to follow directions and is compliant to therapy.


The Ararat Pharmacy team understands the mental and physical toll experienced by HIV/AIDS patients. We do our best to work with you and provide the best treatment and care that you deserve.

HIV/AIDS patients that require personalized treatments and expert holistic care, do not look any futher then the Ararat team. We develop, provide and ensure special adherence strategies for your therapy. Also, to stay healthier longer, we manage and follow up with your treatment(s) and overall well-being so that your condition is mediated.

To learn more about our specialty services, please call us at 626-798- 6789.